Meet Our staff and focus missionaries

  • Father Zach Weber


    Social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram - @fatherzachweber

    Hometown: The Malibu of the Midwest (Howards Grove, Wisconsin)

    University of graduation: Upper Iowa University (Psychology), St. Meinrad Seminary, Indiana, and Mundelein Seminary, Illinois

    Family: Dad is Mark, Mom is Elly, and all older siblings: PJ, Rachel, and Nathan.

    Craziest moral thing I have ever done: I used to eat glue in art class for milk money in middle school.

    Favorite saints: Mother Mary, St. Joseph, St. Charbel, St Therese, Bl. Solanus Casey

    Relaxing to me looks like: Chillin at the beach on a warm sunny day away from all noise and distractions - yet I also enjoy tearing out bushes and trees with my truck - so either of those things.

    If you could tell a student on campus one thing, what would it be? If Jesus can break through my deafness to change my life, then he can definitely do the same and much more for you.

    You’d never expect these artists/songs to be on my playlist: Issues by Julia Michaels, Boys 'Round Here by Blake Shelton, Closed on Sunday by Kanye West, Can't You See by The Marshall Tucker Band, Man in the Mirror by Michael Jackson, Feel Me Flow by Naughty by Nature, Hurt by Johnny Cash, and Moviendo by Yandel

    One fun fact: I used to be a DJ for dances, weddings, and sporting events.

    Bucket list item for 2020-2021: Not to shave my mullet.

    Least favorite food: Sour krout, beets, and asparagus

    My podcast for my homilies can be found here, or on iTunes or the Podbean App.

    Contact me here

  • KYLE & Lisa HANSON

    focus team Director // FOCUS affiliate

    Social media platforms: I’m on Facebook.

    University of graduation: Michigan Tech (Majored in Geological Engineering and minored in Spanish)

    Years with FOCUS: Kyle - 7 years; Lisa - 10 years

    Family: There are 5 in our family. Kyle is married to Lisa, Kolbe is our oldest boy who is 4, we have a little girl, Isabella who is 3, and our youngest son is Emmet who is 1. His name means “universal truth" in Hebrew.

    Craziest moral things I have ever done: While in Switzerland, I went glacier climbing. Check out my Facebook page for the pictures.

    Favorite saints: St. Joseph/Sacred Heart of Jesus

    Relaxing to me looks like: Going on a walk with my wife

    If you could tell a student on campus one thing, what would it be? Let Jesus love you, he will not disappoint you.

    You'd never expect these artists/songs to be on my playlist: Let It Go by Elsa (Frozen)

    One fun fact: I can speak Spanish.

    Favorite movie of all time: The Patriot

    Least favorite food: Broccoli (Though my taste buds don’t like it, I still eat it because my body does.)

    Bucket list item for 2020-2021: Finish remodeling a rental house I own. By the time you’re reading this, it’s probably already done!

    Find out more about Kyle here, or contact him by email.

  • Sarah Mockler

    Focus missionary

    Hometown: Dubuque, Iowa

    University of graduation: Loras College (Psychology and Social Work)

    Years with FOCUS: First year

    Family: Parents are John and Caroline, brother Michael and sister-in-law Cassie, sister Katherine and brother-in-law Andy, brother Brian, and twin sister Emma.

    Craziest moral thing I've ever done: One time when I was younger (like 16), I crossed the street without holding my mom's hand.

    Favorite saints: Mother Teresa, St. Pope John Paul II, St. Faustina, Padre Pio

    Relaxing to me looks like: Reading in a hammock listening to good music

    If you could tell a student on campus one thing, what would it be? You are loved, known, and seen. Don’t forget it and when you do, turn to God. 

    You'd never expect this song to be on my playlist: Veggie Tales Remix

    Least favorite food: Grapes (I am not a picky eater. I’ll eat grapes if offered. I just don’t seek them out.)

    Fun fact: When I was hiking in Costa Rica, my group ran into some spider monkeys. They weren’t happy we were there, so they threw some fruit at us. But I did get to see a baby spider monkey! Seeing them was one of the highlights of my trip!

    Favorite movie: Can’t pick one, I like too many! But definitely not a horror movie.

    Find out more about me here, or contact me here.

  • Jackie Parkes


    Social media platforms:

    Facebook - Jackie Parkes

    Instagram - @jackieparkes77

    Hometown: Bloomington, Indiana

    University of graduation: Indiana University (Secondary Math Education and Counseling)

    Years with Focus: First year

    Family: My parents are Christina and Allen, and I have a twin sister, Christa!

    Craziest moral thing I have ever done: Getting lost for hours after dark while exploring an abandoned Ski Resort

    Favorite saints: Mama Mary, St. Therese, Pope St. John Paul II, and many more!

    Relaxing to me looks like: Hammocking with a book, a buddy, or my ukulele!

    If you could tell a student on campus one thing, what would it be? Don't let fear lead you to be some watered-down version of yourself. The Lord delights in you, and he wants you to be fully yourself!

    You’d never expect these artists to be on my playlist: AJR

    One fun fact: I did two months of my student teaching in a little seaside town in Ireland!

    Least favorite food: Mushrooms or any kind of red meat (except bacon... we love bacon!)

    Contact me here.

  • Libby Rasp

    focus Affiliate

    Social media platforms:

    Facebook - Libby Rasp

    Instagram - libbyrasp


    Hometown: Muskego, Wisconsin

    University of graduation: University of Wisconsin - La Crosse (Biology major, Psychology minor)


    Years with FOCUS: 5


    Family: I'm married to Sam! Beyond that, my parents still live in the house where I grew up, and now my grandparents are there too. Then I have two half-brothers - one is in Vegas with my niece and nephew, the other passed away 3 years ago. And my younger sister’s down in Louisiana. And after getting married in November 2019, now there's even more.


    Favorite saint: Mother Teresa of Calcutta. She’s my homegirl.


    Relaxing to me looks like: A quiet morning with a coffee and a Bible, or a local coffee shop. I love artsy creative things and exploring shops, nature, etc. I'm usually down to try new things.


    If I could tell a student on campus one thing, what would it be? One of the best lessons I heard in college was that all truth points back to God. That was such an important lens to view all my classes with, especially my biology classes. We’re often told science and faith cannot mix, but that’s so far from the truth. It also helped so much on days where I was struggling a lot with doubt. That, and don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions. The Church in her wisdom has answers. 


    You’d never expect this artist on my playlist: I don’t think I have anything too shocking, just a wide variety. My default is coffeehouse style, which makes for great rainy day music but not so good for road trip DJs. 🤷‍♀️ 


    Craziest moral thing you've done: Co-wrote a rap (to the tune of Ice, Ice, Baby) in Spanish about a Chac Mool statue that comes to life and drowns its owner. It is still on Youtube, and I can guarantee you'll never find it. 


    One fun fact: I lost my first tooth in the Grand Canyon! 


    Favorite movie of all time: UP. I love it. 


    Least favorite food: Hawaiian pizza. I won’t eat pineapple or ham on their own, then you put them together and ruin a pizza. Disgraceful.


    One bucket list item for 2020-2021: Hit up all the coffee shops here. That’s my classic for any new city. But maybe kayak from Lake Butte de Morts to Lake Winnebago?


    Contact me here.

  • Sam RasP

    focus missionary

    Social media platforms:

    Facebook -  Samuel Francis Rasp

    Instagram - sfrasp

    Hometown: Where my heart is (but I grew up in Owensboro, Kentucky )

    University of graduation: Marian University in Indianapolis (Theology major and Philosophy minor) 

    Years with FOCUS: 5

    Family: I have one! I'm married to Libby! My parents live in Norton Shores/Muskegon, Michigan. They both work at a K-12 Catholic school. And then I have two siblings. The oldest, my brother Ben lives in Louisville, is engaged to be married in November, and has a daughter named Millie (my niece!!!) who is six! The next in line is my sister, Erin! She’s living in Owensboro, where I grew up!

    Craziest moral thing I have ever done: Well, I’m gonna say two. They both have to do with my mission trip to Malaysia in July of 2017. First off, I was able to drive a motorcycle in two tiny communities in the middle of the jungle. Mind you, I had never driven one before then and haven’t driven one since. Super cool! Secondly, on the same trip, I road on the top of the cab of a truck going anywhere from 40 to 60 MPH on some bumpy and hilly roads. Let’s just say, I’m surprised I didn’t fly off.

    Favorite saints: St Padre Pio! He’s basically a superhero, look it up! And then right now, it’s Blessed Miguel Pro. He was a priest that was martyred in Mexico in the 1920's. He’s legit! I just finished reading a book about him so ask me questions about him and I may be able to answer it!

    Relaxing to me looks like: Recently, I’ve gotten into reading! I’m pretty slow, but I’ve really enjoyed it. I also love a nice cool night around a fire with friends!

    If I could tell a student on campus one thing, what would it be? You are a beloved son/daughter of God. If everything else seems to be falling apart, that is the most important thing you can fall back on!

    You’d never expect this artist on my playlist: This may not be surprising, but Hamilton. It’s legit! If you’ve never listened to it, just give me a chance and it’ll blow your mind (well, at least it might…)!

    One fun fact: I’ve jumped out of a perfectly good airplane from just under 13,000 feet! Skydiving is amazing! If you ever want to go this year, I’ll go with you!

    Favorite movie of all time: The Patriot! Mel Gibson! Need I say more?

    Least favorite food: Worms… and durian… Malaysian favorites...

    One bucket list item for 2020-2021: Not getting COVID? Or as Father says, get it and then have all the antibodies and save the whole world!

    Find out more about me here, or contact me by email.

  • marie Reichard

    director of Music

    Contact Marie here.

  • sara scheunemann


    Hometown: West Bend, Wisconsin

    University of graduation: Marquette University (English & Classics), University of Dayton (Higher Ed Admin), Creighton University (Christian Spirituality)

    Family: As a consecrated virgin, I have the best spouse ever and belong forever to Jesus himself.

    Craziest moral thing I have ever done: Quit my job to live in a monastery of Benedictine Sisters for a year.

    Favorite saints: Mother Mary, St. Joseph, Sts. Mary and Martha, St. Agnes, St. Isidore, St. Francis de Sales, St. Jane de Chantal, St. Teresa Margaret, St. Therese

    Relaxing to me looks like: Spending time with family and friends and/or hiking in a beautiful place

    If you could tell a student on campus one thing, what would it be? Without a relationship with God, everything is empty. Only his love can fill us. And how he loves us!

    You’d never expect these artists/songs to be on my playlist: I don't have a playlist! Most of the time, I think silence is more beautiful than any song.

    One fun fact about you: I spent the summer before grad school traveling to national parks throughout the West, Canada, and Alaska with my brother and sister-in-law. 

    Least favorite food: Peanut butter (unless it's in something)

    Contact me here.