Meet Our staff and focus missionaries

  • Father Zach Weber


    Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram - @fatherzachweber

    Hometown: The Malibu of the Midwest (Howards Grove, Wisconsin)

    University of graduation: Upper Iowa University (Psychology), St. Meinrad Seminary, Indiana, and Mundelein Seminary, Illinois

    Family: Dad is Mark, Mom is Elly, and all older siblings: PJ, Rachel, and Nathan.

    Craziest moral thing I have ever done: I used to eat glue in art class for milk money in middle school.

    Favorite saints: Mother Mary, St. Joseph, St. Charbel, St Therese, Bl. Solanus Casey

    Relaxing to me looks like: Chillin at the beach on a warm sunny day away from all noise and distractions - yet I also enjoy tearing out bushes and trees with my truck - so either of those things.

    If you could tell a student on campus one thing, what would it be? If Jesus can break through my deafness to change my life, then he can definitely do the same and much more for you.

    You’d never expect these artists/songs to be on my playlist: Issues by Julia Michaels, Boys 'Round Here by Blake Shelton, Closed on Sunday by Kanye West, Can't You See by The Marshall Tucker Band, Man in the Mirror by Michael Jackson, Feel Me Flow by Naughty by Nature, Hurt by Johnny Cash, and Moviendo by Yandel

    One fun fact: I used to be a DJ for dances, weddings, and sporting events.

    Bucket list item for 2020-2021: Not to shave my mullet.

    Least favorite food: Sour krout, beets, and asparagus

    My podcast for my homilies can be found here, or on iTunes or the Podbean App.

    Contact me here

  • Jamie taberna

    FOCUS Team Director

    Hometown: Tyler, Texas

    University of Graduation: The University of Texas at Tyler, with a degree in Psychology and a minor in music

    Family: Joven, Mory, and my older sister Morie Joy

    Favorite saints: Mary, St. Joseph, St. Francis of Assisi, St. Therese of Lisieux, St. Teresa of Avila

    Relaxing to me looks like: Playing music, going on a drive, kayaking, or going on an exploration walk!

    If I could tell a student on campus one thing, it would be: You are precious, honored, and loved in God's eyes. Rest and remain in His gaze, here is where true freedom is found!

    Fun fact: I am technically allergic to everything. Not really fun, but a fact about me.

    You’d never expect these artists/songs to be on my playlist: Justin Bieber (I'm a recent fan and I only like his songs about Jesus lol.) 

    Least favorite food: Olives

    Contact me here.

  • pat donohue


    Social Media: Facebook, Instagram @pjdonohue21

    Hometown: Brookfield, Wisconsin

    University of graduation: University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

    Years with FOCUS: 2nd Year

    Family: Tim, Vickie, Matt (Kailey), Ryan  

    Favorite saints: St. Patrick, St. Ignatius, St. Joseph, St. JP II, and Bl. Solanus Casey

    Relaxing to me looks like: Watching a sunset in northern Wisconsin

    If I could tell a student on campus one thing, it would be? When we give Christ time in our lives and are open to what he wants to do, Jesus delivers great love, peace, and happiness.  

    Favorite yard game: Spikeball for sure! 

    Favorite sports to play: Volleyball, golf, and Chicago 16in softball

    Favorite bands: Kenny Chesney, Thomas Rhett, Zac Brown Band, Matt Maher

    One fun fact: I show water ski in the summer, building pyramids and doing tricks! 

    Least favorite food: Beets

    Contact me here.

  • alli Holverson
    FOCUS Affiliate

    Social Media: Facebook and Instagram- @little_allii


    Hometown: Cambridge, Wisconsin (It’s okay if you haven’t heard of it.)


    University of graduation: University of Wisconsin-La Crosse (Marketing and Professional Communication Studies)


    Years with FOCUS: 4th Year


    Family: Parents are Chris and Charlie. Siblings are Katie and Chad.


    Craziest moral thing I have ever done: I’m afraid of heights, but I went cliff jumping once.


    Favorite saints: St. Maria Goretti, St. Gianna Molla, St. Joan of Arc, St. Joseph, and St. Pope John Paul II


    Relaxing to me looks like: Going for a run or doing a DIY project.


    If you could tell a student on campus one thing, what would it be?  Your worth doesn’t come from what you can do. Let go of the imperfect grade, the bad race, or the job you didn’t get – It won’t matter when you get to the Kingdom!


    Fun fact: I grew up doing competitive Irish Dance; and no, I will not dance for you.


    You’d never expect these artists/songs to be on my playlist: Not Today Satan by KB and Andy Mineo, Cello Suite No 1 in G major by J.S. Bach, Yo-Yo Ma


    Least favorite food: Pineapple on pizza


    Contact me here.  

  • Ethan Holverson


    Social Media: Facebook - Ethan Holverson. Twitter, the 'gram, and Snapchat waste too much time.

    Hometown: Cedar Rapids, Iowa

    University of graduation: Loras College in Dubuque, IA.....But I bleed Iowa Hawkeye black & gold.

    Years with FOCUS: 2nd Year

    Family: Dad/Mom/Sister = Todd/Lynn/Lauren, Dogs = Wrigley, Norman (beta), Louie (alpha)

    Craziest moral thing I have ever done: I stole a traffic cone in high school late one night after a baseball game. I took it to college, but one of the RA's took it away from me, never to be seen from again.

    Favorite saints: St. Francis Xavier, JP2, St. Joseph

    Relaxing to me looks like: Playing catch with a baseball, or watching Iowa Football while eating a burrito

    If you could tell a student on campus one thing, what would it be? You don't have all the answers. Jesus does. Go to Him and life will be a Joy, even in the midst of crappy situations.


    Favorite songs/artists: In no order - Drake, Dan + Shay, Zac Brown Band, John Legend, Lecrae, NF, AC/DC

    Favorite activities: Lifting weights, playing baseball, eating, watching sports, and of course Eucharistic Adoration and Mass

    One fun fact: I love playing piano in my free time.

    Least favorite food: According to my wife, "Basically anything with too much flavor." I just don't like anything that is going to be bad for me, i.e. foods with tons of added sugar, random chemicals linked to cancer, etc. I'm not insane, but I do eat healthy.

    Contact me here.

  • Sarah Mockler

    Focus missionary

    Hometown: Dubuque, Iowa

    University of graduation: Loras College (Psychology and Social Work)

    Years with FOCUS: 3rd Year

    Family: Parents are John and Caroline, brother Michael and sister-in-law Cassie, sister Katherine and brother-in-law Andy, brother Brian, and twin sister Emma.

    Craziest moral thing I've ever done: One time when I was younger (like 16), I crossed the street without holding my mom's hand.

    Favorite saints: Mother Teresa, St. Pope John Paul II, St. Faustina, Padre Pio

    Relaxing to me looks like: Reading in a hammock listening to good music

    If you could tell a student on campus one thing, what would it be? You are loved, known, and seen. Don’t forget it and when you do, turn to God. 

    You'd never expect this song to be on my playlist: Veggie Tales Remix

    Least favorite food: Grapes (I am not a picky eater. I’ll eat grapes if offered. I just don’t seek them out.)

    Fun fact: When I was hiking in Costa Rica, my group ran into some spider monkeys. They weren’t happy we were there, so they threw some fruit at us. But I did get to see a baby spider monkey! Seeing them was one of the highlights of my trip!

    Favorite movie: Can’t pick one, I like too many! But definitely not a horror movie.

    Find out more about me here, or contact me here.

  • sara scheunemann


    Hometown: West Bend, Wisconsin

    University of graduation: Marquette University (English & Classics), University of Dayton (Higher Ed Admin), Creighton University (Christian Spirituality)

    Family: As a consecrated virgin, I have the best spouse ever and belong forever to Jesus himself.

    Craziest moral thing I have ever done: Quit my job to live in a monastery of Benedictine Sisters for a year.

    Favorite saints: Mother Mary, St. Joseph, Sts. Mary and Martha, St. Agnes, St. Isidore, St. Francis de Sales, St. Jane de Chantal, St. Teresa Margaret, St. Therese

    Relaxing to me looks like: Spending time with family and friends and/or hiking in a beautiful place

    If you could tell a student on campus one thing, what would it be? Without a relationship with God, everything is empty. Only his love can fill us. And how he loves us!

    You’d never expect these artists/songs to be on my playlist: I don't have a playlist! Most of the time, I think silence is more beautiful than any song.

    One fun fact about you: I spent the summer before grad school traveling to national parks throughout the West, Canada, and Alaska with my brother and sister-in-law. 

    Least favorite food: Peanut butter (unless it's in something)

    Contact me here.